The two creators have met in 2009. They both had the willing of making, building, creating... Rethinking fur have become a certainty. 

RÈGNE FILS got its fundamental roots in the inheritance of its founders’ family: passion for craftsmanship of excellence is fixed there since 1923, savoir-faire for fur since 1985, and expertise in entrepreneurship for generations.

Passionate about art and craftsmanship, the duo of creators have decided to create.

In Paris, they have been teach one of the last craftsman mater the experience of the gestures, the importance of following the rigorous steps, the respect for material and time.


RÈGNE FILS gets its inspiration from the past civilizations and their attempts to understand our universe.

The link they have built with the latest constitutes the essence of the brand: human knowledges, beliefs and pieces of work, which spanned time and are the heritage of human existence.

The spirit of RÈGNE FILS is passionate about the human seeking for its origins, its purpose, its sense of estheticism, the timeless relationship with what we wear, and the power we got in exchange, codes, and way of life...   

This quest is timeless, both ancestral and eternal.

Immaterial patrimony

The house is a witness deeply attached to the safeguarding of the most ancient and most rare savoir-faire. Those last who have allowed civilizations to produce pieces of art, tools, monuments, and symbols and eternal witnesses of our civilizations.

This is the only way to last.


Every piece was reborn from iconical outerwear to offer fresh, and efficient proposition. Codes of traditional coats have met the abstract and geometrical shapes, circles, lines, triangles, colors which are the fundamental systems underlying visible reality. 

Textures are plural, from shaved mat to long and shiny. 

Metal rings, simple, round, eternal geometrical shapes balance the lightness of the material. Vinyl, silver and gold highlight the textures.

Nothing useless to let the nature expand its eternal aura.

From slim to oversize shapes, the goal is to propose cerebral and empowering pieces.

Brand’s signature is architectural and minimalistic.